Mary in the Church Moral Theology


Author(s): John Hyland

ISBN13: 9781853900433

ISBN10: 1853900435

Publisher: Veritas Books

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Mary, the mother of Jesus, has, since the early days of the Christian Church, been an enigma to most, a stumbling block to many and has been a bitter source of contention, confusion and division among Christians since the Reformation.

Mary in the Church is a book that provides heartening evidence of a new meeting of minds on the marian question. The Blessed virgin is discussed in the context of ecumenism, tradition, feminism and liturgy. Bishop Cahal Daly reviews her relationship with the Church. very Reverend John Paterson offers an Anglican perspective. Metropolitan Anthony analyses the position of our Lady in the orthodox church. Romuald Gibson, FMS, considers her special relationship with Marists and Reverend John McHugh asks was Jesus in reality conceived without the intervention of a human father? Did Mary remain a virgin all her life? And does it matter?

In 1984 the Marist Brothers held a congress to celebrate the centenary of their arrival in Athlone. This book gathers together the richly diverse range of scholarship and tradition presented at that congress. It looks to the controversies of the past in investigating schisms in existence since the Reformation. Its relevance for the future lies in its study of feminism, youth and women today in relation to Mary. A book that offers a unique and significant contribution to the ongoing theological and devotional reflection on our Lady, Mary in the church is a milestone in marian theology.

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