1 John: The Epistle as a Relecture of the Gospel of John

1 John: The Epistle as a Relecture of the Gospel of John


Author: Malcolm Coombes
Publisher: Mosaic Resources
ISBN: 9781743240151
Format: Paperback
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For such a small book in the New Testament, 1 John is an enigma. Much has been written about the relationship (if any) between the First Epistle of John and the Gospel of John. This book proposes a structuring for 1 John based on the rhetorical features and repetitions of this work, offering reasonably ordered patterns of allusions to the Gospel of John and suggesting how the author has relied on this Johannine tradition in its rereading (or relecture) of that tradition. 
This process contributes to the ongoing discussion about the nature of the Johannine community and those who left it.


Malcolm Coombes studied for ministry at the United Theological College in Parramatta and was ordained in 1991. He served in Uniting Church parishes and is currently Director of Studies – New Testament at Trinity Theological College in Brisbane and affiliate lecturer at Australian Catholic University.


Many parallels like this are shown the the conclusion that 1 John does use the Gospel to make certain points. From what I can gather, Coombes says the meaning of the Gospel isn’t being changed, and the “community” isn’t meant to look at it through Epistle-colored glasses. But the author (who I take to be the apostle John on both accounts) wants the church to see what he’s teaching in light of the Gospel of John’s message. Who are those who went out from us? Antichrists who are related to Judas and the sons-of-the-devil-Pharisees who want nothing to do with the real light and truth, Jesus Christ.   Spencer Robinson, Spoiledmilks


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