2016 Daily Gospel

2016 Daily Gospel


ISBN13: 9788189851927
ISBN10: 8189851926
Publisher: Claretian Publications (5th October 2015)
Binding: Paperback

Designed for everyone involved in the life and work of the Catholic Church, the best selling Daily Gospel are munificently designed, in international size to provide one page per weekday and a double-page spread for Sundays, making your spiritual journey more relaxing.

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For years the Daily Gospel has stirred a great deal of interest and brought assurance and inspiration to millions worldwide.

It has truly become a great force of Liturgy & Bible-centered daily spiritual life. In this lovely keepsake editions of the the Daily Gospel, we have introduced ever succinct and thought provoking reflections on the vast array of Liturgical Scriptural readings to inspire and guide you through a personal 365-day spiritual voyage that will illumine and enrich your devotional life.


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