A Concise Guide to Catholic Church Management

A Concise Guide to Catholic Church Management


Author: Vincentian Center
Publisher: Ave Maria
ISBN: 9781594712272
Format: Paperback
Page Count:
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For fifteen years, the Vincentian Center for Church and Society at St. John’s University has been successfully training priests and pastoral leaders in management concepts and skills. Built upon this wealth of experience, A Concise Guide to Catholic Church Management connects the theory of academic training with the hands-on skills of pastoral practice. Today’s pastoral leaders are required to understand effective communications, budgeting, staff management, and legal responsibilities—all through the lens of Catholic values and tradition. This veritable ministry bible offers pastors and administrators ten succinct, informative chapters and is supplemented by free online materials.
Vincentian Center, Author
The Vincentian Center for Church and Society is located at St. John’s University in Jamaica, New York. Its core purpose is connecting the university to the Church and accomplishes this through the use of its Vincentian sponsorship, metropolitan location, and diversified personnel resources.
“After my first reading of A Concise Guide to Catholic Church Management, I am more anxious to return to this very helpful book. Because of my many years in parish, organizational, and diocesan management, I am certain that the insights offered here will be helpful at every level of the Catholic Church. The book is practical and much more than a self-help guide. I highly recommend this new resource for Church managers.”
Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn. “When it comes to the fundamentals of Church management—especially at the parish level—this book is destined to become an indispensable resource. It is well-written, practical, theologically informed, and divided into easily referenced chapters.”
Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame. “This excellent book is a must-read for lay and ordained leaders faced with the challenging task of management in parishes today. From servant leadership to employment law and accounting procedures, it’s all here.”
Michael Brough, Director of Planning and Programe, National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management.


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