A Fragile Kingdom

A Fragile Kingdom


Wade Gary

Author(s): Gary Wade

ISBN13: 9781853909252

ISBN10: 1853909254

Publisher: Veritas


Based on sermons from a selection of Sunday readings, Gary Wade s A Fragile Kingdom encourages us as Christians to appreciate the presence of God revealed in the secular. Drawing on an eclectic range of literature, from Scripture through to modern poetry and prose, A Fragile Kingdom tackles many topical issues from sectarianism and terrorism to personal issues of family loss and rebirth. As Christians we experience life on a precarious threshold between hope and despair, happiness and sadness; but by putting our trust in God and appreciating His work in the beauty of the world around us, we learn to live in the in-between world of the kingdom present and the kingdom still to come. A Fragile Kingdom is a thought-provoking and timely meditation on coping with the fluid and troubled world in which we live.

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