Aaron’s Legacy

Aaron’s Legacy


Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Veritas Publications (Sep 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1847301223
ISBN-13: 9781847301222

Marguerite Kiely

Marguerite Kiely and her family, suffered the devestating loss of baby Aaron. Out of this dispair and because of the refuge provided by Clic House in Bristol during Aarons stay in hospital, came the foundation of An Bru Columbanus, Cork. A fitting legacy to Aaron. She lives in Dublin and works as a psychotherapist.


When a loved one is seriously ill in hospital, the phyiscal, mental and emotional strain on the family is considerable. However, there are facilities available to make that traumatic ordeal a little more manageable. In the case of Marguerite Kiely, the availability of accommodation at An Bro Columbanus meant that she and her husband could be near their son Aaron while he was undergoing treatment at Cork University Hospital.

An Bro (meaning hostel) is a home from home established by the Order of the Knights of Columbanus and maintained by a team of volunteers. The family of patients at Cork hospitals can take rest and comfort in a safe, warm and caring environment. In Aaron’s Legacy, Marguerite now pays homage to An Bro for the refuge and comfort it afforded her and her husband in their time of loss.

Aaron’s Legacy charts the development of An Bró and highlighting the fact that this is the only hostel of its kind in Ireland. Marguerite Kiely issues a rallying call for more such centres. In doing so, she not only pays homage to An Bró Columbanus, but to the memory of Aaron.

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