All Together: Creative Prayer with Children

All Together: Creative Prayer with Children


Author(s): Ed Hone, Roisin Coll

ISBN13: 9781847301796

ISBN10: 1847301797

Publisher: Veritas

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Teachers in Catholic schools and parishes regularly look for resources for praying with children: for prayers, ready-made liturgies and, especially, for ideas. Often, this is something rushed or last-minute: for example, there’s an assembly coming up soon, or a classroom prayer session timetabled for the next morning and something has to be put together at short notice.

All Together: Creative Prayer with Children, is not primarily about providing ready-made resources; it is, rather, something the authors believe to be much more useful. It is suggesting a way to work with children when putting together school assemblies and classroom worship, tapping into the childrens creativity and enthusiasm and real-life concerns. As teacher and children become familiar with creating prayer together, the need to rush around looking for ideas or resources diminishes.

The book contains principles of creative prayer, uses a practical approach and contains extensive, tried-and-tested original ideas. It is for teachers in school, and is easily adapted for parish situations, different age groups and different ability groups. The book has a creative approach to the Scriptures and to the Tradition of the Church, and is rooted in both.

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