Altar Bread Hosts 35mm – 12,000 in Boxes of 1000


*Altar Bread Host Special*

12 Boxes of 35mm hosts (1000 per Box sealed in plastic)

Plus 1 Box Free

Plus 100 Priests hosts


*Host Special* 12 Boxes of 35mm Altar Bread Hosts + 1 Box Free + 100 Priests Hosts

We are offering 12 Boxes of 35mm hosts plus one box free for the price of €138.

*MOST POPULAR PEOPLE’S HOST IN IRELAND* The Sacramental People’s Altar Bread Hosts of 35mm are packaged in boxes of 1000 and have a single cross design. They are sealed in plastic to stay fresh. Our Altar Bread Hosts are produced in accordance with Canon Law.

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