Believe Tell Me Why

Believe Tell Me Why


Author: Pagola, Jos

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This book addresses the questions and uncertainties held by those who through the years have distanced themselves from the faith in which they were nurtured as children. Their faith is still there, flickering in the depths, but surrounded by doubts and prejudices. Pagola perceives that there is a profound seeking for light, truth and peace, and a need for “understanding” various things about the faith; but, above all, there is a yearning to find out whether God, here and now, can give us strength, joy, and hope in our lives. Pagola understands that those who have left the faith are reluctant to embrace those once-comforting certainties and return to the beliefs and practices of former times, while simultaneously searching for “something more genuine and joyful.” He proposes creating ‘groups of seekers’ to guide these people who are taking the first steps toward a new faith after having left or neglected it for a long time.

Pagola, José Antonio, Author

José Antonio Pagola was born in Spain in 1937. He completed his theological studies in 1962 in the Pontifical University in Rome and his studies in Sacred Scripture at the Papal Biblical Institute in Rome in 1966. He also studied Biblical Sciences at the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem. Pagola is a Professor at St Sebastian Seminary and at the Faculty of Theology of Northern Spain.


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