Catholics Going Green

Catholics Going Green


Author: Walter Grazer
Publisher: Ave Maria
ISBN: 9781594712104
Format: Other/Leather
Page Count:
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This small-group resource examines basic environmental justice themes through the lens of Catholic social teaching and scripture. The compact, ninety-minute session format is perfect for busy adults who want to stay connected with environmental topics in a meaningful, engaged way.

The session topics include:

  1. We Walk on Holy Ground
  2. We Honor the Dignity of the Human Person
  3. We Stand in Solidarity
  4. We Share the Goods of he Earth
  5. We Champion the Cause for Global Human Development
  6. We Answer the Call to Conversion for Life


Also includes “Did you know?” facts, profiles of Catholics engaged in environmental ministries, discussion questions, and prayers combine to assist group members in forming local strategies for environmental renewal. Also ideal for interfaith dialogue, campus ministry groups, and themed retreats.


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