Celtic Threads

Celtic Threads


Clancy Padraigin

Author(s): Clancy Padraigin

ISBN13: 9781853904998

ISBN10: 1853904996

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse – Ballycoolin D 11

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Ireland in the late twentieth century is seeing a new turning towards matters Celtic, including a marked interest in Celtic spirituality. This book is a collection of essays on that subject. Drawing from the pre-Christian and Christian Celtic story, the collection moves through the wonders and the darknesses of the Celtic tradition. It asks: Is Celtic spirituality soul food or junk food? How can it be of value today? Why is the archetype of war predominant in the Irish psyche? What about the quality of mercy? How can Celtic spirituality contribute to the process for peace?

Contributors explore the lives of the early Irish saints; why was the practice of exile/pilgrimage of such importance to them? Who is Colm Cille? What about Brigit why is there a return to her-story? How can the legacy of Celetic prayer, song, and folk tradition enrich our liturgy and worship? What can modern Irish society re-learn through the typically Celtic values of hospitality and respect for the divine immanent in creation? What projects are happening nowadays in places of ancient sanctity such as Glendalough and Kildare?

Drawing from both the pre-Christian and Christian Celtic heritage, this collection of essays by noted Irish theologians, folklorists and scholars examines the wonder and darkness of the Celtic tradition. It assesses the impact and popularity of Celtic spirituality and then demonstrates the values of Celtic spirituality for today. Contributors explore Celtic prayer, song, and folk traditions. They also explain the impact of key people, places and events on the life and psyche of todays Irish people.

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