Children Feeling Good

Children Feeling Good


Humphreys Tony

ISBN13: 9781853903748

ISBN10: 1853903744

Publisher: Veritas Books


Making children feel good about themselves will only come about when parents feel good about themselves.

All parenting starts with the parents learning to parent themselves. Without self-confidence and love of themselves they will be unable to help their child feel lovable capable, unique, or special. Each chils genius (and not just their academic ability or other talents) must be recognized if they are to feel good about themselves, and this will only come about where the self-parenting relationship is successful.

In Children Feeling Good Tony Humphreys sets out a step-by-step guide for the creation of these two key relationships, calling on parents to love their children for themselves and not for what they do.

Children Feeling Good is the third in the Will our Children be Okay? series. The series is designed as a resource for parents dealing with the difficulties and joys of bringing up a family in a Christian context.

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