Christ is the Morning Star

Christ is the Morning Star


Burton and Whitehead When Celtic Spirituality meets Benedictine Rule

Author(s): Alex Whitehead, Linda Burton

ISBN13: 9781853904820

ISBN10: 1853904821

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse – Ballycoolin D 11


As the Christian Church in England approaches the third millennium it faces may challenges: pluralism, secularism, pick-and-mix post-modernism. It has experienced a serious decline in the number of paid clergy and there are fewer regular worshippers. If it is to continue with a good heart in its ministry to the whole nation, as well as every local community, it will need a tough, broad-based spirituality with an inviting vision for the future. In 1998 a large national conference of Readers (Church of England Lay Ministers) met together in Durham to sustain a vision for the Church in the new millennium by re-visiting the spiritual roots of British Christianity.

Christ is the Morning Star explores the way in which two great streams of Christian spirituality, the Celtic and the bendictine, flow towards one another, forming a broad river of living spiritual tradition. Contemporary discipleship thirsts for this spiritual water of life. It sees the dynamic energy which inspired Celtic spirituality and Benedictine Rule as being accessible to all Christians, not just priests, monks and nuns.

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