Church Safe (Double)

Church Safe (Double)


Church Double Collections Safe – Free Standing

Safely Accepts and Holds Church Offerings

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Church Offerings Double Safe – Free Standing.

Heavy duty church offerings box used for accepting double intention church offerings and envelopes

The free-standing safe protects envelopes and money offerings safely with minimum handling. Very convenient and suitable for even a large Church community.

Can also be used for more than a votive offering, thanks to two in-slots and safe compartments. Helps provide safety during the Coronavirus pandemic in helping to reduce handling of money and envelopes.

Double rack anti-theft safe with lock safe-type to deter any intruders.

  • Safe height 95cm
  • Safe width 40cm
  • Safe depth 31cm
  • Weight 60kgs (ferrous material weight)

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 31 × 40 × 95 cm



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