Circles of Hope

Circles of Hope


Author: Karen Lynn Williams
Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans
ISBN: 9780802852762
Format: Hardback
Page Count: 32
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Everyone brought a gift for baby Lucfa. Facile sat high up in his mango tree and watched. It was the only tree on the whole dusty mountaintop. Papa had planted it for him when he was born. “A strong tree protects its timoun,” Papa said.

Young Facile wants to plant a tree in honor of his new baby sister, but he faces many obstacles. The first seed he plants is eaten by a goat, the second seed is washed away in a storm, and another seed is burnt by a scrub fire. Will Facile ever be able to plant a tree that will grow strong for baby Lucía?

In this story of determination, faith, and love, author Karen Lynn Williams introduces readers to the realities of rural life in the mountains of Haiti. Imbued with brilliant colors, expressive characters, and vivid landscapes, Linda Saport’s illustrations capture the indomitable spirit of hope.


Society of IllustratorsThe Original Art Annual Exhibition (2005)
ReadBostonBest Read Aloud Book, runner-up (2005)
Green Earth Book AwardHonorable Mention, Children’s Books (2006)
Skipping Stones MagazineSkipping Stones Honor Award (2006)
Bank Street CollegeBest Children’s Books of the Year (2006)
Peace Corps Writers AssociationBest Children’s Writing (2006)


Karen Lynn Williams has written several books about the difficult lives of children around the world, including Galimoto (Lothrop, Lee & Shepard), Tap-Tap (Clarion), and Circles of Hope(Eerdmans). Karen has lived in Haiti and Malawi, but now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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