Considering Counselling


Author(s): Ursula OFarrell

ISBN13: 9781853908408

ISBN10: 1853908401

Publisher: Veritas

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Focuses on the Person Centred Approach. Considering Counselling explains the basic theory and practice of this approach, taking on board the ideas of Carl Rogers. The theory is illustrated with case studies. Considering Counselling is aimed at students, potential clients and all those interested in counseling.

Following on from the best selling First Steps in Counselling, Considering Counselling provides an introduction to the Person-Centred Approach, which was pioneered by Carl Rogers. It explains the basic theory and practice of this approach in a way that is readily accessible to the beginner. The precise meanings of terms like self-actualisation, core conditions and conditions of work are explained and then illustrated in practical terms by some fascinating case studies.

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