Credo – Personal Testimonies of Faith

Credo – Personal Testimonies of Faith


Author(s): John Quinn
ISBN13: 9781847305596
ISBN10: 1847305598
Publisher: Veritas (May 2014)
Content: 176 pages
Binding: Paperback

John Quinn is a much-loved broadcaster and radio producer who was the recipient of numerous prestigious radio awards during his twenty-five years with RTE. He is also an accomplished author and writer of fiction and non-fiction, including Sea of Love, Sea of Loss, an intimate and inspiring book, written as a tribute to his late wife Olive. A skilful and engaging storyteller, his children’s novel, The Summer of Lily and Esme, was described as an instant classic and won the 1992 Bisto Children Book of the Year. His most recent work, The Will to Win (co-written with Sean Boylan), was published in September 2006. John Quinn lives in Clarinbridge, Co. Galway.


When I go out on these frosty nights and see the pattern of the stars across the sky I ask myself how did all that happen.
Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh

When I sit down now to pray it’s more of a conversation. If you meet someone you know fairly well, you are hardly going to be sing-songing a set number of words at him.
Alice Taylor

In 2013, former RTÉ broadcaster John Quinn travelled throughout Ireland to meet a some well-known personalities. He asked them questions about the God they believe in and why they believe; the origins of their belief; doubts they have encountered dealing with mystery; how central belief is to their life and work; prayer-life; the afterlife; faith mentors and much more. The answers he received were spontaneous, honest and rich in diversity and are now a wonderful book, Credo – Personal Testimonies of Faith.

A fascinating insight into belief and its practice, Credo includes contributions from former Meath football manager Séan Boylan, Benedictine nun and international leader for peace and justice Joan Chittister, actor Frank Kelly, politician David Norris, writer Alice Taylor, GAA commentator Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh and many more.

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