Disbelieving Disbelief

Disbelieving Disbelief


Author: Brown, Phillip
Publisher: Mosaic Resources
ISBN: 9781743241394
Format: Paperback
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Religion and Christianity are back on the agenda, and for all the wrong reasons. Christian education in public schools, same sex marriage, tax exemption, discrimination and abuse at the hands of religious authorities have all made major headlines in recent years. Would the world be better without Christianity? Is Atheism the answer? Certainly, there are many people who feel that way and new groups of authors and academics called The New Atheists definitely think so. But are they correct? Do they actually know what Christianity is exactly? Or are they wrong and merely pandering to cultural fears and media hype? In this diverse and multifaceted book, eight authors look at what The New Atheists are saying about religion and expose the assumptions, errors, intolerance and arrogant swagger portrayed in their writings. The book is a must for any serious thinker on religious interaction with society and it reveals why public debate on Christianity needs a finer microscope of inquiry than what current New Atheism has to offer. Readers will find in these pages that the unbelief in Christianity portrayed by the New Atheists is itself simply unbelievable; and that any rational human should be disbelieving disbelief.

Brown, Phillip, Editor

Phillip Brown is Priest in Charge at St John’s, West Brunswick, in Melbourne and has a keen interest in the New Atheism. He holds an Associate in Music Performance and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Philosophy as well as a Master in Divinity. He is married to Lisa who lectures in youth ministry at Ridley College in Melbourne; and they both enjoy Christian ministry and their dog Moses.


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