Earth, Faith and Mission: The Theology and Practice of Earthcare

Earth, Faith and Mission: The Theology and Practice of Earthcare


Author: Clive Ayre
Publisher: Mosaic Resources
ISBN: 9781743241189
Format: Paperback
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Earth Faith, and Mission is essentially about the way in which these three critical aspects of the Christian Church and life relate with one another, and argues that Earth-care is not an “optional extra” or a side issue, but part of what Christian mission is about.

The book begins with an overview of the environmental threats in our time and goes on to outline some common responses to the natural world. The biblical and theological basis of ecological mission becomes the strong basis for the inclusion of creation care on the Church’s mission agenda. Then after considering “the big picture”, or the way in which a consensus has emerged across many confessional lines, the book addresses practical questions of what an Earth-friendly approach to mission looks like. The final issue is what it might mean to face the future with hope.

In this book we hear a genuine call to eco-mission in the current environmental crisis. Clive Ayre challenges the Christian churches of today to re-think mission in the light of past theology, current readings of the Bible and the cry of Earth in pain. Clive moves beyond reflection on the basis for such a mission to provide a challenging agenda to stir churches into mission. I would encourage you to hear Clive’s call.- Norm Habel, Professorial Fellow at Flinders University, Adelaide.


Clive Ayre is a Minister of the Uniting Church in Australia and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. He is engaged both denominationally and ecumenically in the promotion of eco-mission.


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