Earth’s Echo: Sacred Encounters with Nature

Earth’s Echo: Sacred Encounters with Nature


Author: Robert Hamma
Publisher: Ave Maria
ISBN: 9781893732469
Format: Paperback
Page Count:
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“My profession is always to be alert, to find God in nature,” Henry David Thoreau wrote.

Or as the Buddha once said, “If you wish to know the divine, feel the wind on your face and the warm sun on your hand.”

Earth’s Echo is a book for people who love nature and find spiritual meaning in it. Using brief excerpts from the work of nature writers as touchstones for meditation, the book leads the reader to reflect on the sacred reality of nature as found in different settings: the seashore, the river, the forest, the desert, and the mountain. It translates the traditional monastic practice of sacred reading, known as lectio divina, into an easily accessible four-step form: paying attention, pondering, responding, and surrendering.

“Teaches us how to listen to the world.”

“Withe the words of well-known nature writers as his inspiration, and his own poetic reflections as our guide, Robert Hamma teaches us how to listen to the world—and how to pray.”


Robert Hamma is a bestselling author and the editorial director at Ave Maria Press. In addition to nine books, he has published numerous articles on spirituality and family life. Hamma holds a master of divinity degree from Immaculate Conception Seminary in Huntington, New York and a master’s degree in theology from the University of Notre Dame. He is the editor-in-chief for Human Development magazine and lives in Granger, Indiana, with his wife Kathryn Schneider.

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