Eucharist as Word

Eucharist as Word


De Verteuil Michel


This book starts from two basic principles. First, that the Eucharist is not merely a source of grace, but, through its symbols, a living lesson in Christian living. Secondly, that we spontaneously approach the Eucharist in this way when we make Bible reading the source and summit of our meditation.

These two principles were the basis of teaching on the Eucharist in the early centuries of the Church and following them is therefore both a return to our roots and a way of getting in step with modern pedagogical theory.

Divided into two series of meditations – on the Eucharist as a living lesson, and on John, Chapter 5 – Eucharist as Word is a rewarding and readable book by the bestselling author of Your Word is a Light for my Steps (Veritas, 1996) and Meditating on the Mysteries (Veritas, 1997).

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