First Coach: For Good Dads who Want to be Great Dads

First Coach: For Good Dads who Want to be Great Dads


Peyton D.M.

Author(s): D.M. Peyton

ISBN13: 9781847301383

Publisher: Veritas


This book is for men who want to be better dads. It respects and honours a fathers importance to their childs well-being and is perfect for busy dads with children of all ages, and also useful for grandfathers and uncles!

Fathers are invited and encouraged to be active dads; to build on what they already know and be their childs first life coach. First Coach provides them with the knowledge and skills they need to enable their child to become a confident, independent, responsible adult with good self-esteem and strong core values.

It has been shown that effective fathering is a powerful, protective factor for children, improving their health, emotional well-being and educational achievement. It is never too late to learn and apply effective parenting skills.

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