Global Voices

Global Voices


Author: Edited Craig S Keener and M Daniel Carroll R
Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers
ISBN: 9781619700093
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 144
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This book, a collection of essays from ethnically diverse scholars familiar with both non-Western and Western hermeneutic traditions, explores what it means to allow the interpretations of the non-Western church to be heard – heeded and appreciated – by the Western church and its educated elite.

Evangelical scholars, college and seminary professors, trained evangelical pastors, and evangelicals of many nationalities and ethnicities who minister in the West will find these collected essays fascinating and encouraging.

“As someone who was descended from immigrants from Okinawa to Hawaii, the most racially and culturally diverse state in the Union, I can keenly appreciate the insight the writers of the essays in this volume have offered as to the relevance of particular Scriptures to a variety of cultural and ethnic groups throughout the world and to immigrant communities in the United States.” 
— Foreword, Edwin Yamauchi, Professor Emeritus, Miami University

• Introduction – Craig Keener and M Daniel Carroll R 
• Reading the Bible through Other Lenses: New Vistas from an Hispanic Diaspora Perspective – M Daniel Carroll R 
• Response – K K Yeo 
• Neither Tamil Nor Sinhalese: Reading Galatians in Sri Lanka – David A DeSilva 
• Response – Nijay Gupta 
• Word Becoming Flesh [On Appropriation]: Engaging Daniel as a Survival Manual – Barbara M Leung Lai 
• Response – Chloe Sun 
• Reading Ephesians 6:10–18 in the Light of African Pentecostal Spirituality – J Ayodeji Adewuya 
• Response – Daniel Darko 
• The Bible as Specimen, Talisman, and Dragoman in Africa: A look at Some African uses of the Psalms and 1 Corinthians 12–14 -Grant LeMarquand 
• Response – Osvaldo Padilla

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