God Knows Your Job Gets Old: 12 Ways to Enliven It


Author: Marianne LaBarre
Publisher: Ave Maria
ISBN: 9781893732513
Format: Paperback
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God Knows Your Job Gets Old is a career guide with a spiritual perspective. Career pro Marianne LaBarre has spent years helping people attain success and satisfaction in their jobs, and now she’s crafted a career guide to help people define their careers, critique their work, embrace their callings, and transform their jobs into productive, fulfilling endeavors. LaBarre speaks from experience—with a master’s degree in theology and a doctorate in leadership, she heads the Executive Leadership program at Seattle University. Included in the book are 12 ways to enliven your work, including claiming your gifts, trusting your still small voice, embracing your calling, nurturing joy and gratitude, and creating a space to thrive.


Marianne LaBarre is director of the Pastoral Leadership Program and former director of the Executive Leadership graduate program at Seattle University. She holds a doctor of education degree, and is engaged in spiritual direction and executive coaching.