Haggadah of the Sages

Haggadah of the Sages


Author: Shmuel & Ze’ev Safrai
Publisher: Carta Jerusalem
ISBN: 9789652207067
Format: Hardback
Page Count:
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This Haggadah is presented in the spirit that the Sages wrote it. It is divided into two parts: the authors (father and son) begin with a long commentary, divided into sections. This is followed by a short commentary that accompanies the Haggadah itself. The reader of the short commentary who wants to learn about the origin and early history of the text will find them in the long commentary on the same passage.


Shmuel Safrai (1919-2003) was Professor Emeritus of History of the Jewish People at Hebrew University. Safrai authored over 80 articles and 12 books. Ze’ev Safrai is an Israeli Professor in the Department for Israel Studies in Bar Ilan University, as well as an author, lecturer and researcher of Israel in the Second Temple era . His main project is his authorship of the socio-historical commentary to the Mishnah called Mishnat Eretz Yisrael (literally Mishnah of Israel), which he began together with his late father Professor Shmuel Safrai and his late sister Professor Chana SafraI.


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