Hands-On Faith: 66 Projects, Activities and Crafts for Children


Author: Mary Doerfler Dall
Publisher: Ave Maria
ISBN: 9780877937395
Format: Paperback
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Hands-On Faith builds on the simple fact that children learn best by doing. Mary Doerfler Dall offers sixty-six projects, activities, and crafts to help children in grades two through six take to heart their lessons of faith. Organized by chapter themes, Hands-On Faith is a perfect resource to complement any religious education program, offering hands-on material for lessons involving prayer, liturgy, the Bible, Catholic legends and lore, holy days and church seasons. Each of the activities is self-contained with suggestions for adapting and extending it for individual and classroom use. Requiring a minimum of supplies, most of the units are designed for easy accomplishment…a little tape, glue or staples helps create a St. Joseph’s toolbox, Noah’s Ark or a windblown helicopter that floats prayers down from the sky.Hands-On Faith is perfect for classroom use, and also a great work-along tool for parents who wish to impart lessons of faith to their children in fun ways that kids are bound to love. Spiral bound for easy photocopying.