Has Redimido al Mundo


Author: Andrew Gawrych
Publisher: Ave Maria
ISBN: 9781594712685
Format: Paperback
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Voices from around the world invite us to travel the Way of the Cross in every time and place. Steeped in the spirituality and mission of the religious communities of Holy Cross, these Stations help us contemplate the saving power of Christ’s death and resurrection in unexpected places. This Spanish edition of You Have Redeemed the World titled Has Redimino al Mundo: Rezando el Vía Crucis con la Congregación de Santa Cruz is no exception.

Blessed Basil Moreau, founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, wrote that “human life is like a great way of the cross. This way of the cross is everywhere and we travel it every day, even in spite of ourselves and without being aware of it.” This booklet is written from the depths of that understanding. 

Affordable and easily connected to modern faith challenges, this collection of Lenten meditations is perfect for parishes, schools, campus ministries, and other institutions seeking fresh forms of devotions and prayer in Spanish. The fourteen traditional Stations of the Cross are presented through depictions of contemporary human lives as witnessed by members of Holy Cross religious communities in ministry around the world. Contributors include James Phalen, Joan Marie Steadman, Arthur J. Colgan, Peter Jarret, and Mary Kay Kinberger.