In Defence of Doubt


Author: Web, Val
Publisher: Mosaic Resources
ISBN: 9781743240557
Format: Paperback
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While doubt is encouraged in most disciplines, somehow in religion we have been expected to abandon all creative thinking and ‘just believe’, blaming ourselves for our doubts. This is more about authority and belief systems than about faith; and certainly not the experience of the ‘great cloud of witnesses’ before us, courageously lurching from one doubt to the next, believing they were nudged by God through their doubts.

Web, Val, Author

Val Webb completed degrees in microbiology and religious studies in Brisbane, Queensland. She has also completed a Ph. D. in Theology at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota. Her books include Like Catching Water in a Net, In Defense of Doubt: an Invitation to Adventure, Why We’re Equal: Introducing Feminist Theology, and Florence Nightingale: the Making of a Radical Theologian. Currently, Webb divides her time between the US and Australia, teaching every year at Augsburg College in Minnesota and Whitley College in Melbourne.