In the Quiet (CD)

In the Quiet (CD)


Lawton Liam

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In the Quiet
In the crazy, often relentless pace of todays world, Liam Lawton brings us to a place of peace and solace with his new recording, In the Quiet. Meditative melodies are combined with reflective texts to create a unique and wonderful listening experience filled with the traditional Celtic spirituality found in all of Liams music.

Each song in this collection offers a gentle and beautiful reminder of Gods holy presence in our lives. The title song, written in response to the horrific events of September 11, 2001, speaks of God being beside us even when the worst is happening. “So Longs My Soul” is a song of great hope and trust in God, based on Psalm42. “Ruah,” meaning “breath of God” speaks of the grace of the Holy Spirit.

In the words of Fr. Lawton, “I hope that this collection of songs will draw you into the quiet so that you too may hear the silent whisperings and longing of God for all of us.”

1. In The Quiet
2. Ruah
3. After The Rain
4. There Is A Place
5. Come To The Feast Divine
6. So Longs My Soul
7. When This Day Is Done
8. Blest Are You
9. This Is (Song Of Micah)
10. At DayBreak
11. Breastplate
12. Ave Maria, Ave


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