In the Secret of My Heart: Moments of Stillness in the Heart of Christ


Burke Anna

Author(s): Anna Burke

ISBN13: 9781847302434

ISBN10: 1847302432

Publisher: Veritas

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In the Secret of My Heart honours the Sacred Heart of Jesus, not only as a traditional icon, but as a timeless inspiration for all who seek God. Through the lens of scripture, Sr Anna Burke remembers how Jesus revealed knowledge of God as ultimately a heart experience.

Encouraged by the encyclical Deus caritas est and Pope Benedict’s exploration of love as that which most surely reveals God, the book revisits a timeless symbol of the divine identity, revealing that it is ultimately to a loving God that we turn for light in darkness, for meaning in life.

Sr Anna Burke shows us that Jesus is the experience of God, and the gift of Jesus in human history is most deeply understood in the secret of the heart.

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