Jesus Reburied? The Mystery of the Jesus Family Tomb

Jesus Reburied? The Mystery of the Jesus Family Tomb


Author: John W Pryor
Publisher: Mosaic Resources
ISBN: 9781743240182
Format: Paperback
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What really happened to the body of Jesus after his crucifixion? Was Jesus eventually reburied in a family tomb, along with his wife and child? How were crucified criminals treated under Roman and Jewish laws? What did the earliest Christians mean when they proclaimed that Jesus was resurrected? Was Mary Magdalene’s role as wife of Jesus and apostolic leader of the Christian movement deliberately suppressed by the male leadership? 
The discovery of bone boxes (ossuaries) inside two burial chambers in South Jerusalem has led to proposals that radically challenge the traditional understanding of Jesus and the early Christian movement.

This book examines the Jesus Family Tomb hypothesis and presents a comprehensive, in depth assessment.

“…a model of careful presentation of evidence and sound historical judgment”. – Richard Bauckham, University of St Andrews

John W Pryor, Author

Dr John Pryor is a graduate of Sydney, London and Cambridge Universities. Formerly Dean of the Australian College of Theology, and now Honorary Research Associate in Ancient History at Macquarie University, Sydney, he has had a long career lecturing in the areas of historical Jesus studies and the gospels. He is the author of several books, including The Enigmatic Jew –in quest of the historical Jesus and Jesus Resurrected? Sifting the Historical Evidence. He regularly leads study tours to Israel.


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