Job 1-21

Job 1-21


Author: C L Seow
Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans
ISBN: 9780802848956
Format: Hardback
Page Count:
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The book of Job is an exquisite piece of literary art that has its rightful place among the most outstanding compositions in world literature. It is a work of remarkable theological richness, passion, and honesty. Yet it is also widely recognised as an immensely difficult text to understand. Seow’s commentary on Job 1-21 pays close attention to the poetics and theologies of Job, the history of interpretation, textual and philological difficulties, and the hermeneutical, philosophical, and theological challenges posed by Job.

This is the first commentary in the new Illuminations series for pastors, laypeople, and scholars and the first of two volumes on Job.


C L Seow is Henry Snyder Gehman Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature at Princeton Theological Seminary.


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