Joining The Dots – A Programme of Spiritual Reflection and Renewal for Educators

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Author(s): Amalee Meehan

ISBN13: 9781847303660

ISBN10: 1847303668

Publisher: Veritas

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Joining the Dots is a programme in spiritual renewal for all involved in the school system. Originally designed for teachers in the Catholic setting, through piloting it has since evolved beyond teaching staff to include special needs assistants, administrative staff, parents, members of boards of management, parish educators, pastoral ministers, and indeed combinations of all these groups.

Comprising a five-week programme of one evening per week, Joining the Dots is designed to address the challenge of linking one’s experience of life, personal spiritual quest and work in a Catholic school, attempting to give participants time and space to reflect on the personal reality of their own spirituality and how this integrates with their lives.

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