Klimt and His Cat

Klimt and His Cat


Author: Capatti, Berenice, Monaco, Octavia
Publisher: Wm B Eerdmans
ISBN: 9780802852823
Format: Hardback
Page Count: 40
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Follow me into Gustav’s studio
it is alive with color! Look at the paintbrushes, the reds and blues and colorful hues that spill onto the table. Smell the scent of paint, of oil, of canvas. . .

Katze, the loyal cat of Gustav Klimt, takes readers on an exciting journey into the world of the famous Viennese painter. From distracting Gustav’s models to tagging along with Gustav on vacations, Katze always provides keen insight about the artist’s work and thoughts.

Enchanting illustrations, suggestive of Gustav Klimt’s own style and enlivened by the lovable and curious Katze, make Klimt and His Cat a book for readers of all ages. This book not only teaches about the artwork of the Secessionist artist, but also suggests the importance of hard work, dedication, and being true to oneself.

Berenice Capatti, Author

Bérénice Capatti is an editor and translator of children’s books. Klimt and His Cat is the first book she has also authored. Bérénice lives in Milan, Italy.


Octavia Monaco, Illustrator

Octavia Monaco is an Italian illustrator who has created the art for many children’s books, including Klimt and His Cat (Eerdmans). Octavia lives in Modena.


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