Land – Christian Perspectives on Development Issues

Land – Christian Perspectives on Development Issues


Author(s): Denis Carroll

ISBN13: 9781853904028

ISBN10: 1853904023

Publisher: Veritas Books

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For millions of the worlds poorest people, land is life and affects their food, shelter and very survival. There are close links between the struggle for land, human rights and justice. Dennis Carroll proposes and ethical approach which connects ecology and care for the environment with social justice.

Starting from the Judaeo-Christian tradition, Land – Christian Perspectives on Development Issues, offers a prophetic vision of the new millennium, interspersed with memories of the land struggle in Irish history and similar struggles across the globe today.

This challenging study suggests that our link to the land is part of our common humanity in that we come from the earth and return to it. It reflects on ethical and Christian interpretations of land from a global viewpoint and offers pointer to influence the current debate on land ownership and control.

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