Like a Man – A Guide to Men’s Emotional Well-being

Like a Man – A Guide to Men’s Emotional Well-being


O’Morain Padraig

ISBN10: 1847300324

Publisher: BETAPRINT


Irish men have been stereotyped as not being very good at dealing with their feelings. But that is changing. And this book by counsellor and mens columnist Padraig OMorain is designed to help men deal with their feelings both personally and in relationships.

The book contains simple but excellent techniques for dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, bullying, difficult people, marriage breakup and physical health. He draws on Western insights which promote change as well as on Eastern insights which highlight acceptance on the one hand and effort on the other.

Set out in short, easily manageable units, its style is both humourous and direct. There are good vignettes that show the situations people get themselves into.

It also has a useful appendix explaining each of the key ideas in the book.

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