Literature, Literary Theory & Literary Criticism: A History from a Christian perspective


Author: Sandra Percy
Publisher: Mosaic Resources
ISBN: 9781743241103
Format: Paperback
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Sweeping in scope, and Christian in its perspective, this vital and unique book offers a history of Western literature and literary studies for university students and the general reader. Taking the view that creativity is an essential, God-given component of being human, Dr Sandra Percy skilfully takes the reader from the classical age through to the perils of postmodernist theory.


Sandra Percy taught in secondary schools in Queensland for nineteen years and at Christian Heritage College in Mansfield, Queensland, as a Lecturer in English for seven years. She was awarded an MA from the University of Queensland for her research in the area of Adolescent Girls’ Reading; and a PhD from the Australian Catholic University for her work on Christian aspects of the writings of the novelist Dorothy L. Sayers.