Looking After Yourself: A Christian Guide to a Balanced Life


Publisher: Redemptorist Publications (20 Sep 2010)
ISBN-10: 0852313810
ISBN-13: 978-0852313817
Product Dimensions: 20 x 19.8 x 1 cm

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Drenched in an abundance of learning, Fr Len brings together for the first time an impressive range of practical tips and guidelines for working on your own body, mind and spirit. Using easy-to-digest theory and engaging ‘try it yourself’ suggestions, he enables you to make quick, positive changes to the way you look after yourself. Every area of life is an opportunity for growth, and Len Kofler’s gentle style will shepherd you on a journey towards a fully human life in a truly Catholic sense, using Jesus of Nazareth as your model. The journey is one towards greater freedom, fulfilment, happiness and healing and will richly reward all who travel it.