Luke: the Gospel of the Sons of Israel: Volume I: The Preparation: Luke 1:1

Luke: the Gospel of the Sons of Israel: Volume I: The Preparation: Luke 1:1


Publisher: Convivium
ISBN: 9781934996577
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The Gospel of Luke is known as “The Gospel of Prayer.” It is also the one that tells the greatest number of Jesus´ parables, those texts that always speak to us. Additionally, Luke is the one of the four Gospels whose theme is definitely “sonship”: the Sonship of Jesus, of course, but also ours. Finally, the third Gospel is the transition between the first two, Mathew and Mark, and the “spiritual Gospel” of John, the Beloved Disciple, which is traditionally placed as the last one, the culmination of the evangelical revelation. Luke, with its refined Greek, offers us a gospel of decision, of crossroads, totally speaking to our times. An initial approach to the Gospel of Luke can give an impression of disorder, as if it were a compilation of disconnected fragments. Many commentators have taken note of this aspect. However, Roland Meynet disagrees, pointing out that “it has been written in an orderly way.” We cannot forget that that the New Testament was born in the Jewish world and that it is deeply etched by the writing techniques appropriate to that time. Having worked for more than 30 years in biblical and Semitic rhetoric, Roland Meynet shows us the admirable and extremely precise composition of the Gospel of Luke. His commentary proposes unexpected interpretations in contrast with traditional readings. Throughout these pages, the author shows a true love for The Word, and his book will guide all who wish to study Luke’s text more closely. Meynet offers a “word by word,” step by step reading based on the latest achievements of modern linguistics, giving an interpretation of the text that manifests all its originality and strength. This is the first of the four volumes of this biblical commentary.


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