Meditating on the Mysteries

Meditating on the Mysteries


De Verteuil Michel

Author(s): Michel De Verteuil

ISBN13: 9781853903922

ISBN10: 1853903922

Publisher: Veritas Books

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The Rosary has been a favourite prayer for generations, taught to little children and a source of strength and consolation throughout life. Fr Michel de Verteuil, author of the bestselling Your Word is a Light for my Steps (Veritas, 1996) brings the method of Lectio devena propounded there to these meditations, linking each one to a passage from scripture.

Through meditations on the fifteen mysteries we enter into their sacred stories, allowing them to carry us into a deeper, richer life here on earth, with the promise of fulfillment in heaven. The scripture extracts proposed are just one possibility , other passages may also be read in conjunction with the meditations, while the extracts from the spiritual writings though the centuries provide a link with the wisdom of humanity.

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