Millennium Maps of the Holy Land: 1000 BC – AD 2000

Millennium Maps of the Holy Land: 1000 BC – AD 2000


Author: Carta Jerusalem
Publisher: Carta Jerusalem
ISBN: 9789652206299
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Millenarism (or millenarianism) has fascinated a great number of people for ages, as it relates to the Coming of the Messiah. As arguments, theories and heart’s desires are proffered, one fact cannot be overlooked. At the turn of each millennium from BC 1000 to AD 2000, the Land of Israel ”Terra Sancta, The Holy Land” was under Jewish or Christian rule. The four maps in this wall chart show the extent of territorial control at the turn of the millennia.


Carta Jerusalem was established in 1958 and has for 55 years developed the world’s largest data bank for maps and texts depicting biblical reality & events – both Old and New Testament times and intermediate periods. They specialise in the historical geography of Bible lands & cultures, the history & archaeology of Jerusalem and other sacred sites, biblical and later archaeology of the Holy Land, and much more. Every event, campaign battle, journey and pilgrimage has been cartographically documented by Carta Jerusalem through all historical and archaeological periods from prehistoric to modern times.

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