New Directions in Religious Education

New Directions in Religious Education


Cunnane Finola

Author(s): Finola Cunnane

ISBN13: 9781853907722

ISBN10: 1853907723

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse – Ballycoolin D 11


In many parts of the world today religious education is facing dramatic challenges. Contemporary debates have highlighted a certain confusion about the terminology and the purpose of religious education. Such confusion has frequently led to inappropriate expectations on the part of educational bodies, Church personnel and society in general.
Is religious education a thing of the past, or has its time has not yet arrived? In New Directions in Religious Education Finola Cunnane details her conviction that religious education is one of the most important issues facing our world today and argues that there is a need for a language that honours both the educational and the religious in life. New Directions in Religious Education aims to provide food for thought, to suggest a new imagining of religious education, and to unveil the truest meaning of this endeavour.

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