On Track for God: A Guide to Spirituality for Young Adults

On Track for God: A Guide to Spirituality for Young Adults


Coghlan Patrick

Author(s): Patrick Coghlan

ISBN13: 9781847301284

ISBN10: 1847301282

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse – Ballycoolin D 11


Is the Bible history or parable? Is it relevant to life in the twenty-first century? What does it all mean? On Track for God is an exploration into spirituality for young people, tackling such questions as above, answers to which can often prove elusive. The author, Patrick Coghlan, applies scripture to everyday life; bringing the bible firmly into the contemporary world.

This book is a resource for young adults who want to know more about spirituality, dealing with issues such as loneliness, peer pressure and maturity. However, the book is more than a simple guide or instruction manual; it is interactive, engaging the reader in questioning, and challenging them to explore their thoughts, opinions and beliefs. On Track for God is a medium by which young people can consider and understand the spiritual side of life, in a modern world that can often feel chaotic and isolating.

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