Parables of the Sages: Jewish Wisdom from Jesus to Rav Ashi

Parables of the Sages: Jewish Wisdom from Jesus to Rav Ashi


Author: Ze’ev Safrai & R Steven Notley
Publisher: Carta Jerusalem
ISBN: 9789652208293
Format: Hardback
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Parables of the Sages is a ground-breaking work in the study of parables in late antiquity. For the first time ever, the authors provide a complete annotated collection of narrative parables found in the earliest stratum of Rabbinic Judaism, the literature of the Tannaim. These pedagogical gems are presented in their original Hebrew language with a fresh English translation. The authors’ notes consider the historical, social and religious aspects of the individual entries, and when relevant their possible contribution to our understanding of the parables of Jesus.


Ze’ev Safrai is an Israeli Professor in the Department for Israel Studies in Bar Ilan University, as well as an author, lecturer and researcher of Israel in the Second Temple era . His main project is his authorship of the socio-historical commentary to the Mishnah called Mishnat Eretz Yisrael (literally Mishnah of Israel), which he began together with his late father Professor Shmuel Safrai and his late sister Professor Chana SafraI. Dr R Steven Notley lived in Jerusalem for 16 years where he earned his PhD in Comparative Religions at the Hebrew University. He studied under the direction of the late professor David Flusser, writing his dissertation on “The Concept of the Holy Spirit in Jewish Literature of the Second Commonwealth and Pre-Pauline Christianity.” With Flusser he collaborated on the historical biography Jesus (Jerusalem: Hebrew University Magnes Press, 1997, 1998, 2001). Currently he is a professor of Biblical Studies at the New York City campus of Nyack College.


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