Passion and Hope


“Personal meditation and prayer accompanied each of the seven stations along the way of the CROSS.”

Author: Liam Ryan OSA
Publisher: Augustinians Limerick
Format: Paperback/Pamphlet
Pages: 32

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The traditional exercise of the Stations of the Cross is in decline in today’s world among all generations particularly young people. This journey with Christ through the pain of His Passion enabled millions of Catholics to enter the suffering of Jesus and their own anguish as they followed artistic representations of pivotal moments on His journey to Calvary. This form of devotion was particularly popular during the season of Lent in churches, outdoor locations or shrines.

As part of a process of renewal in the Augustinian Church Limerick, we experimented with creative ways of linking the Stations with life as we experience it today, places of pain and hope around the city of Limerick. We walked around these locations on Good Friday with links through prayer and meditation at each station.

Passion And Hope is the second publication by Fr. Liam Ryan OSA on the theme of pilgrimage. Christ’s Way of the Cross is Our Way of the Cross. Limerick’s story of pain and hope can be extended to any church or parish in our time.

Passion and Hope is a “Passion Walk”, local stations, reflections and prayers and is beautifully illustrated with full colour images.

Liam Ryan OSA

Fr. Liam Ryan OSA is an Irish Augustinian who has inherited the restless searching spirit of his spiritual mentor, Saint Augustine. In a variety of ministries, he has sought to build bridges between Sacraments and the hungers of the heart in a different Ireland. Global and local concerns always find an echo in his liturgies and prayers. In dark days for the Irish Church, he continues to nurture green shoots of hope and promise. His journey in faith into uncharted territory appeals to fellow pilgrims who can embrace the essential untidiness of life and belief in the 21st century.

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