Author: Vassilios Bakoyannis
Publisher: Convivium
ISBN: 9781934996348
Format: Paperback
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One of the most incredible events to take place in the Church was the conversion of the Apostle Paul, the former Christian persecutor (“terrorist”) who became Christ’s chief Apostle.

Paul: The Great Scandal looks at the life and teachings of the holy Apostle, the lamb that tamed the lion, and presents colorful events and details about his life that captivate the reader into full admiration for his great power and tremendous victories, all in the name of Christ. The author highlights some unknown and important facts about this phenomenal man that bring both enjoyable reading and a significant message to the contemporary world.

Archimandrite Vassilios Bakoyannis was born in Greece in 1953 and was ordained in 1980. He serves in the metropolis of Patras, Greece. He received a bachelor’s degree in theology from the University of Belgrade (Serbia), a master’s in theology from St. Vladimir’s Seminary (New York, USA) and a Ph.D in theology from Atlantic International University (USA). Since 1975, he has authored over 50 spiritual books, several of which have been translated from Greek to English, Romanian, Russian, Arabic, Italian, German and Indonesian. The books: “After Death”, “The Life of the Virgin Mary”, “The Suffering” and most recently “St. Simeon: The Barefooted” have become best sellers in Greece.

The translator, Konstantine Papathanitis, was born in Canada in 1972 and is a graduate of the University of Toronto. He moved to Greece in 1995 and he has been translating theological books for approximately 10 years, along with teaching English as a foreign language in Greece.