Prayer Kids – Modern Prayers for Today’s Children

Prayer Kids – Modern Prayers for Today’s Children


Publisher: Veritas Publications
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1847300855
ISBN-13: 9781847300850

Aktins Rosemary & Peter


In this new volume of Prayer Kids – Modern Prayers for Today’s Children, Rosemary and Peter Atkins continue their widely used series of books to help people pray. Published in a number of countries, Family Prayers (2002) is available for young children and their parents, Cool Prayers/Prayer-Bytes (2004/2006) for young people in their teenage years, and now Prayer Kids (2008) will inspire the prayers of children in the 6 to 10 age group as they begin to read.

The contents of Prayer Kids is divided into three sections: My prayers for today My prayers for others My prayers at special times Spread throughout the book, the coloured illustrations by Olivia Jackson-Mee interpret the prayers. The forty prayers and fifteen illustrations focus on words and images suitable for young readers. The language is simple and direct and the topics centre on Home, Friends, School, Church and Special Occasions. This book will make a perfect gift to young children by parents and church organisations, and also to teachers in primary schools as a practical support for the RE curriculum.

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