Reaching Out to Right Relationships

Reaching Out to Right Relationships


Kennedy Sr Stan

Author(s): Sister Stan, Sister Stan Kennedy

ISBN13: 9781853903335

ISBN10: 1853903337

Publisher: Veritas Books


This book invites us to explore the beauty within us and around us and the possibilities and potential of the transforming power of God, of friends and relations, of the poor, of society, of nature and the earth, at work in each of us if we are attentive to it. It is about relationship and the intimate interplay between our relationships with ourselves (who we are and how we relate to who we are), our relationships with people around us (how we relate to our families, colleagues at work and out of work), our relationship with society (how we relate to and perceive society, its structures and instruments, political, economic and social), our relationship with the earth (our concern for our environment), and our relationship with God (how we relate to our God, the God of our hearts, the God of our lives).

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