Ready Steady Grow

Ready Steady Grow


Author(s): Angela MacNamara

ISBN13: 9781853903557

ISBN10: 1853903558

Publisher: Veritas Books

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Communication is the process by which we dare to share our-selves with one another. In this third and substantially revised and expanded edition of Ready, Steady, Grow! Angela Macnamara shares with you information and values to help you to be Ready for the exciting, ongoing experience of growing up. The very fact that someone reaches out to support and understand us in life helps us to feel more Steady as we progress along the winding, fascinating route.

As you Grow you will change. We all do. So we should never be closed to one another because of some transient misunderstanding or because of shyness, awkwardness or showing off. These are often superficial responses to awkward moments. Look behind the surface and find the beautiful person there who may be struggling with inner fears, loneliness, old hurts and temporary feelings of inadequacy. Be ready to say to that person Youre 0K. In saying this we give reassurance, open up new possibilities for them and encounter new depths. We change and grow as a result of honest and trusting communication. Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said God does not ask us to succeed, he simply asks us to try. What a great blessing if would be if each of us tried to hold out our arms to our neighbour, and gently, smilingly, encouragingly said Ready, Steady, Grow. Thats how God holds out his arms to us. We keep on being little children learning to walk to the Father.

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