Religious Education Renewed

Religious Education Renewed


Byrne Gareth An Overview of Developments in Post-Primary Religi

Author(s): Gareth Byrne

ISBN13: 9781853908545

ISBN10: 1853908541

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse – Ballycoolin D 11


Religious Education Renewed is a resource for post-primary teachers and school principals, parents/guardians and members of faith communities, religious leaders and others interested in Religious Education as a subject in second-level schools and beyond. It reviews the developments that have taken place in the Republic of Ireland over the past decade and celebrates the recognition that religious education can play a significant role in bringing the human person, of any faith tradition or none, to deep understanding and growth. The author Dr Gareth Byrne acknowledges the challenge involved in educating young people in religious matters. He also recognises the wonderful gift good religious education can be and its power in developing the person spiritually and morally. The comprehensive notes that accompany the text offer the reader access to the wide variety of rich resources now available in supporting Religious Education as a school subject. Dr Byrne also indicates further issues of importance for faith communities in addressing both faith formation and ongoing faith development.

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